July 25, 2013

Family Days - 2013

Back in June (yes, I'm that far behind!) DJ's company held Family Days instead of hosting a company picnic. 

They had jump castles, face painting, a dunk tank, BBQ and the best part - a real engine! I love this picture because Taylor has a death grip on DJ! She was so scared being that high up. 

Taylor was so excited to finally see where Daddy really works. She's always asked him if she could get inside an engine with him and now she finally had the chance. She looks so cute sitting in the "driver" seat! 

She got to see all the buttons Daddy gets to push, how the brakes work and the computer monitors Daddy watches. She doesn't look it in this picture but she really was happy to be there. 

She's so tiny next to that big engine!

On our way home we stopped by Little Man - just because we were in the area :o) 

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