July 24, 2013

4th of July

While it's still July I thought it would be a good idea to get around to writing a post about our 4th of July. Better late than never! :o)

This has to be one of my favorite holidays. This year was a little sad since DJ had to work and it was the first year in almost a decade that we have not watched fireworks together. Neither of us were too happy about that but we decided he won't work another Independence Day as long as we can both help it.

We made a special t-shirt for Taylor to wear

Taylor and I spent the morning baking goodies to take to a BBQ later that day. We made a S'mores Ice Cream cake and an apple pie. 

Our friends Ted and Kristin were hosting the BBQ. We forgot her sunglasses :o(
She got to swim in the pool with the girls. . . 

We stuck to tradition and painted our nails the same as we have every year since she was born.

 Taylor loved playing with sparklers! I think she went through about 15 of them!!

Since DJ wasn't there on the 4th to celebrate with us we made special plans the next night to go to Colorado National Speedway and watch their firework show. Taylor was so excited!! Grandma and Uncle Preston came too.

After the races we took her down to the pits and walked around all the race cars. Most of the drivers were giving out autographs and Taylor thought that was pretty cool.

I kept telling Taylor she could become a race car driver and we could paint her name on the side of her car one day just like this - 

She said she didn't want to drive the cars but she at least sat in one.

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