July 3, 2013

Show N' Share

I am seriously slacking when it comes to blogging lately. Everything has been so hectic lately that the blog has had to take the back seat to life. I think after the holiday I will finally be able to get things caught up. I've said that before though haven't I? :o)

Last Friday Taylor took Madison to school for Show N' Share (same as show n' tell). It was so sweet. Jess met us at the school and as soon as they got there Taylor just lit up. In fact, she cried when I told her Jess wouldn't be there at noon but she would come later in the day. She sure loves her little cousin! 

It was so cute to hear all the little questions the kids asked - "how long have you had her?", "where did she come from?", "is she yours now, Taylor?". Love those little minds!! 

I was so happy we got to take pictures of it and Jess even recorded some of it. I have a feeling these two girls will be very close growing up. It will be fun showing these pictures to both of them in a few years.  

More posts soon to come! I have so much to share ;o)

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