July 9, 2013

DIY Ideas and Projects

It's been almost 2 years since we bought and moved into our home. Slowly we've added little touches to each room to make it more complete. We've also hung pictures, taken them down and changed our minds about a thousand times - in each room. Ok, maybe not that much but it still seems like there are several rooms in our home that are unfinished or not how we'd like them to be. I've been browsing through Pinterest like crazy trying to find the perfect DIY projects and decorating ideas to pull our house together. I guess you could say we are going for the "Farmhouse" look. 

Here's a couple of the next projects I'd like to start (and finish :o)

To hang at the bottom of our stairs
visit flowerpatchfarmgirl.blogspot.com

A corner unit for our dining room
Visit indulgy.com

To hang behind our small couch - but, of course, with a 'D' and in green instead of teal
visit pin4fun9003.blogspot.com

By the front door - I'll be attempting to make my own
found on Etsy

Propped in the corner of our living room next to the TV or hung on the wall between the basement and garage doors (I'll be making this sometime this week(end)

Behind our small couch in the living room (maybe in a rustic brown color or green)
visit 1.bp.blogspot.com

For the living room
visit necessarycreativity.blogspot.com

So if anyone has or knows of someone who has some antique ladders, antique porch rails, vintage/antique wooden window frames let me know :o) ha ha. I'll be on the hunt for these items.

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